What is an “Electrification Roadmap” anyway?

March 30, 2023

The electrification roadmap was developed by our Helio Home experts to provide homeowners with the easiest way to fully electrify your home. With Helio’s roadmap, you don’t have to be a building scientist or worry about navigating contractors and tax credits; just use our simple tool to answer a few questions and let Helio take care of the rest.

If you haven’t already done so, you can start your journey on the Electrification Roadmap by clicking “Get Started.”

Helio will ask for some basic information and use home data to generate a comprehensive plan for your unique needs. 

Energy Assessment & Proposal

In the first step we’ll get to know you and your home. When you click “Get Started” and follow a few prompts, Helio’s holistic technology will analyze your home’s unique energy usage to build a proposal that ensures the best path to electrification.

After that, you can expect to be contacted by a Helio Electrification Consultant who can work with you to customize your roadmap based on any specific needs. Depending on complexity, a home assessor may need to visit your home to conduct a few tests and discuss any comfort issues you may be experiencing, though in many cases, we can speed up the process and move ahead with Helio’s rapid design.

Kick Off

Once you and Helio have customized a roadmap that fits your needs, Helio will send your final proposal. Here you can review your Home Assessor’s visit and finalize your equipment and payment options.

The project officially begins when you sign the proposal and provide Helio with your 50% payment deposit. Because the ordering and permitting process can sometimes take up to 8 weeks, it’s important to do this step quickly and jumpstart the process. As soon as the contract and deposit are received, your Project Manager will reach out to work on an installation schedule.

Keep in mind that it's not uncommon for new considerations to emerge as the project progresses. So, if the scope of the project looks as though it may change during the installation process, don't worry. Our goal at Helio is to electrify every home in America, so we're happy to work with you to solve whatever may unfold at any point during the installation.

Also, please note that while some customers want to electrify their homes as soon as possible, for many, electrification is a gradual process; you may find it more attractive to electrify your home in phases over a few years.


Our installation timeline is approximate based on what Helio has experienced with past installations. Most projects move along quickly, but depending on the circumstances and complexity of your home, there have been a few rare occurrences where projects have taken up to a year. The first phase generally begins two to four weeks after signing and deposit, with the second phase beginning two to three months after start.

Installation Schedule


Helio completes projects in three stages: mechanical, solar, and insulation

Installation Stages

After the work for any of the three stages is complete and has passed inspections, Helio considers that stage done. At that time, if you’ve opted to pay cash, you will receive a final bill for payment. 

The final payment is due within 30 days of receipt (if you’ve opted to finance the project, your payments will continue according to the initial terms).

And remember, many customers don't get all of their roadmap done at once. For you and your home, it may make more sense to spread your electrification across multiple projects, separated by months, or even years. 

But once the job’s done, your relationship with Helio isn’t over; we’ll remain in touch to keep you informed about the newest and best ways to get the most out of your newly electrified home. We’ll always be there to help whenever you need.

So don't forget to start your journey on the Electrification Roadmap by clicking “Get Started.”