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Our mission is to eliminate the carbon footprint of every home by electrifying America.

We are an early stage venture backed startup with tremendous early traction. We are building an electrification technology platform that will help guide 100 million homes in the US towards electrification. We are looking for smart, driven, and collaborative team members who believe that the time to make a difference is now.

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About Helio Home

Helio Home is here to help you improve your family's health, lift your home value and build community resilience. We designed a revolutionary way to invest in elevating your dwelling, with a holistic, durable system that transforms any living space into the ultimate energy-efficient comfort zone.

Our proprietary technology rooted in advanced building science automates the planning process based on a few simple details about your home, local incentives, and your climate zone. We pair that with warm, reliable, and intelligent service from a team driven by a shared mission to fight climate change by eliminating fossil fuels from every home in America.

Homeowner customers Sekhar Paladugu and Jim Burgess in front of their home with solar panels on the roofWelcome to HelioStephen hooks up a condenserHelio employee Millie Marsh in front of a Christmas tree at Helio's holiday party

Work with us...

...and help thousands of homes reduce their carbon footprint!

We are passionate about creating an environment of empowered autonomous teams who are emboldened to achieve company objectives however they see fit. We believe a command and control management style is too slow and restricted to deliver the innovative customer experiences we wish to create. This requires leaders who are confident enough to rely on vision, strategy, coaching, and most importantly - trust, to unlock the full potential of their teams.

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An image of customers Sekhar and Jim in front of their home in Denver with solar panelsWelcome to HelioStephen hooks up a condenserEmployee in front of a Christmas tree

Perks & Benefits

Competitive Compensation

Competitive Compensation

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Early Equity

Early Equity

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Flexible Hours

Flexible Hours

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Health, Vision & Dental  Insurance

Health, Vision & Dental Insurance

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Diversity & Equal Opportunity

Diversity & Equal Opportunity

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Unlimited Vacation Time

Unlimited Vacation Time

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Operating Area

We currently serve the Denver, Boulder, and Golden metro areas with plans to expand to the rest of Colorado and additional states in the near future. We value talented and mission aligned individuals from any state and are therefore open to remote work. We do have office space for collaborative work activities and are supportive of flexible work from home schedules.

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