Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Helio?

Helio Home was formed with the goal of making it simple to fully electrify your home. Our experts have diverse backgrounds in residential remodeling, home energy efficiency, advanced energy modeling, HVAC, customer service, solar, electric vehicles, financing and grid demand management. Our combined areas of expertise ensure we create a seamless electrification process from initial concept and design, through project execution and monitoring.

Is electrification hard?

Unfortunately, yes. Electrification requires the work of many trades. The work of each trade has a direct effect on the design and implementation of other aspects of the project. For example, how and where we insulate a home will have an impact on the size of the heating system a home will require. The size of the heating system affects the overall energy usage of the home, and may require electrical upgrades. This also determines how big a solar system is needed. Helio looks at the whole home to determine the most cost effective path to net zero energy.

Does Helio actually do the work?

Yes! We are licensed as a General Contractor, as well as in a few specialized trades. We use a combination of our own employees and trade partners to seamlessly execute your project. We are your single point of contact from design through permitting, installation and inspection. We also support you with rebates and incentives. We offer a complete package at a fixed price.

What is the process with Helio?

Initial Analysis and Remote Presentation

We start the process by gathering information from you about your house, so we can perform a remote home assessment. This basic information, including utility bills and publicly available data allows us to start the process of analyzing your home. We then set up a video call to present a roadmap for electrifying your home, including a range of budget-conscious options for improvements. We have found our analysis process to be accurate and a video call gives us a chance to explain our system, discuss the budget for your home, and answer questions that you may have. If you are comfortable with the concepts and the budgets we can set up a home assessment.

Home Assessment

Following our remote presentation, we will send one of our home energy efficiency experts to your home to do a full, deep analysis of your house. This will include inspecting your home's insulation, attic, crawlspaces, and every nook and cranny, looking for obvious opportunities to upgrade your home’s efficiency. We may do a Blower Door test which uses a fan to measure leakage and tell us how tight your building is. We will measure or scan a 3D image of your mechanical rooms to see if our new equipment will fit in your space, determine the best location for your equipment, and check your electrical system to make sure it can handle the extra load. After the home assessment, we will have a precise plan and budget for your project.

Final Proposal

We will then prepare a final proposal based on the information gathered at the home assessment. If everything looks good, we will send a construction agreement for you to sign, collect a deposit, and put you on the construction schedule.


We will obtain all of the necessary permits, order material, and schedule the work. Helio will manage all aspects of the organizing and executing the project.

Post Construction

After construction, we will work with you to commission your home’s new systems and educate you on how to use them. We will handle any final inspections and help with rebate paperwork if needed.  

Why should I electrify my house?

Electric homes do not use fossil fuels in their day to day operation, and help reduce your carbon footprint, while improving the air quality and overall health of your home. Natural gas is the primary fuel for many home’s heating, hot water and cooking appliances. In addition to being a fossil fuel, natural gas appliances have the potential to leak dangerous carbon monoxide into a home.

Why is Electricity Better?

Electricity is the only form of energy that can be created without contributing to Global Warming through CO2 emissions. Electricity can be generated from many renewable sources, including solar panels on the roof of your home.